Click on my E store:  www.createspace.com/3490839 ( A division of Amazon.com) You will not only read my story, you will also see your own story in this inspirational self-help memoir.

You will discover how the events that occurred impacted the lives of ordinary people.

Uncover the secrets of self discovery.

Learn that you already have what is needed to have what you want.

Use principles that have been scientifically proven effective in eliminating negative forces in your life, world and affairs.

Margaret’s journey took her from a rural town in Virginia to New York in 1954 at the age of twenty one.  She was searching for a job and her own identity.

Listed below are quotes from “Living Lessons” –  A Journey of Struggle and Redemption

“Everyone wants to be free of the chains and bondage that holds them in captivity and away from their potentiality. . . .  That place of freedom is within the reach of all when we turn to the Truth.  . . . .   There are always people who will treat you in a way that is not pleasing, but they do not matter. . ”

For more information, or to purchase the book please click on my web site at: www.createspace.com/3490839 (A division of Amazon.com) or login directly to amazon.com and enter the title:  “Living Lessons, A Journey of Struggle and Redemption”.

Margaret’s experience as a manager in the City of New York’s Department of Social Services for twenty years, gave her the tools to work cooperatively with people of different racial, educational, social and religious backgrounds.

Margaret moved to the Chicago area after she retired where she studied metaphysics at the Johnnie Colemon Institute for six years.book 1  Margaret explains in “Living Lessons, A Journey of Struggle and Redemption”,  how she learned to apply these principles to the understanding and the meaning of overcoming life’s challenges.

When you read this inspirational self help book you will be inspired and motivated to reach for your highest potential.

Click on my E store:  www.createspace.com/3490839 ( A division of Amazon.com)   or you can login directly to:  amazon.com and enter the title:  “Living Lessons, A Journey of Struggle and Redemption”, and see how she learned to apply these principles to understanding  the meaning of overcoming life’s challenges


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“Living Lessons, A Journey of Struggle and Redemption”

Healing your “wounded child” is of uppermost importance to all of God’s children because the gateway to healing and freedom opens from the inside out.  Many of us hold accountable forces from the outside, although a contributing factor, is not the answer that frees us from the bondage to those old wounds.

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