book4Through my consulting company, I have recently written a book entitled “Living Lessons: A Journey of Struggle and Redemption.” It is an inspirational self-help memoir that looks at the life of an African-American woman born in the 1930s. It discusses the particular difficulties African-American people faced in the post-slavery world, focusing on the transformational self-help and the healing of childhood wounds.

Margaret’s compassion and love for people gives her a strong desire to help others.  She specializes in:

RELATIONSHIPS – FAMILY –  Most important to learn the steps in order to forgive and love.

JOBS –  CAREER GUIDANCE –  Work your way to the top – See how you can work your skills to get there.

SOCIAL – ATTRACT WHAT YOU WANT – What kind of special relationship do you want

Learn about how you can use what you already have to begin your journey to having what you want in life.

Learn Spiritual Principles that will help you mold yourself into the person you want to be. Heal past wounds and present situations. Gain Mastery and experience fulfillment.

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I am available for signing books, motivational speaking,  career counseling, life coaching and management consulting.

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