Mar 30


The themes of this memoir covers the autobiography of an African American woman’s life born in the south during 1930’s.  It talks about issues of historical post slavery and focuses on transformational self-help and the healing of childhood wounds.
It is a memoir, a spiritual book about a difficult mother relationship and also descirbes the author’s journey to secure meaningful employment during the era in which she was born.book5
When her parents became sharecroppers they all worked hard and sacrificed to save money to buy their own farm.  However school became secondary to working on the farm.
Following graduation from high school at the age of sixteen and many futile attempts to find work, Margaret decided to leave Virginia and migrated to New York and worked briefly as a domestic sleep in maid.
Margaret traded her sleep in job for one in retail, married her husband and had two sons.  When her sons were old enough to leave them with childcare, she found a job with the city of New York and worked her way up from typist to director.
After twenty years, her marriage ended in divorce.  Left with two teenaged sons, she finished bringing them up to respect themselves and others, but to never be afraid to speak for themselves.
Through out Margaret’s life she had deep thoughts about really knowing who she was.  she wanted to know more about her people, for something within her told her that the history of her people didn’t begin with slavery, and that African Americans were more than slaves.  Margaret studied African history and traveled to Senegal West Africa and visited the slave castles.
Although troubled by what she saw there, this visit gave her a real connection to her African ancestors.
Another turning point occurred when she found herself remarried and moving to the Chicago area.  Margaret took courses at the Johnnie Colemon Institute in Chicago in their “Better Living” program and was licensed to teach their metaphysical principles.  The Intensive Program from which Margaret graduated required six years of study and passing both written and oral testing.
She learned that healing your wounded child is of uppermost importance to all of God’s children, because the gateway to freedom opens from the inside out.  Many of us blame and hold accountable forces from the outside, although a contributing factor, it is not the answer that frees us from bondage.

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